Mrs. Crystal H.

I know if may be a little against the rules to admit that sometimes I struggle during sessions. Not necessarily with taking the photos because I can do that with my eyes closed. However, I can struggle with how to reinvent the sessions after shooting what feels like a million of them. And even more indoor sessions can weigh on creativity. But let's face it, as a Houston Wedding Photographer, shooting indoors during the summer is necessary! So when Crystal sent me a photo of her inspiration for her bridal session, I new that I had the perfect space for her session, the upstairs lounge of my studio/apartment, but I also knew that I'd have to face the challenge of shooting an entire session in a space that literally encompasses approximately 500 square feet. So, despite my trepidation, I put my creative big girl panties on and attempted to make a little magic happen. What I know for sure is that Crystal absolutely ROCKED her bridal portrait session and you guys can weigh in to let me know how I did.

Crystal and I met after she'd already selected a Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer for her DuChamp Opera House Wedding, but I am so happy to have taken a small part in her wedding celebration.